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Prosper Technologies has developed a water treatment system that utilizes a patented gas infusion process for treating source water, wastewater, groundwater, surface water, and coastal waterways. Prosper’s technology is a unique bioremediation process that utilizes and leverages the infusion of nutrient gases into aqueous streams to stimulate the bio-reactive process. The resulting impact of this chemical-free treatment is the full restoration of these environmentally important bodies of water.

Our ONE (Oxygen Nitrogen Exchange) Solution system is a sustainable green technology that can infuse high levels of dissolved oxygen in bodies of water, while removing nitrogen and other dissolved gases into the atmosphere. This results in the elimination of blue green algae blooms, and the anoxic conditions that are leading to the destruction of marine habitats worldwide.

Prosper’s ONE Solution process is chemical free and one that simply uses high concentrations of oxygen to revive the good bacteria, which then consume and remove toxins from the aquatic environment. This low-cost system causes no undesirable disruption to the treated area, including those areas with large human or wildlife populations, and areas of recreation.

Our mission is to reverse the damage to our lakes, estuaries, oceans and coastal waterways by installing thousands of our ONE Solution Systems throughout the dead zones of the world. By restoring the oxygen levels in these coastal waterways, we will be able to rehabilitate all our important marine habitats for future generations.

iSOCTM is a specially designed, highly structured, microporous mass transfer device invented and manufactured by Prosper Technologies for use in enhanced groundwater remediation.

iSOCTM, or in situ Submerged Oxygen Curtain, is based on Prosper’s proprietary Gas Infusion technology. It’s inherently large surface area allows for intimate contact between oxygen and groundwater, resulting in ultra efficient mass transfer.

Although used to enhance natural bioremediation of hydrocarbons in groundwater with oxygen, iSOCTM can also be used to infuse any gas into groundwater, including gases used to enhance natural degradation of chlorinated solvents.

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